They robbed us of our future
and gave it to the banks
Life as a public servant
means they don’t say thanks
So, the rest of us made do
and the families started packing
There’s no room in the Capitol
so don’t get mad, get stacking

Media correspondents
cover the great divide
Give us half the story
and make us a choose a side
As long as the checks still clear
they’ll keep the nation cracking
It’s simple economics
so don’t get mad, get stacking

Prices go through the roof
and leaders feign a shock
Let us all eat cake
and a share of Apple stock
We tried to stop the game
but the referee was slacking
We’ll make our own rules soon
so don’t get mad, get stacking

It’s always about the money
The dollars have a face
It’s all meant to distract you
from the program to debase
The answer’s in the code
the freedom we’ve been lacking
We gave ourselves a future
so don’t get mad, get stacking

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