J.T. Woodhouse is a wayfaring soul out of time and place. He has more questions than he has answers, and he yearns to be free.

Woodhouse was born and raised in North Carolina. As a boy, he explored the outdoors, developed a knack for telling stories beside a campfire, and eventually earned the rank of Eagle Scout.

As a young man, he was a newspaper reporter covering crime and politics. While he enjoyed the thrill of following car chases and robberies, he set out to the Midwest to reunite with his college sweetheart.

He soon drifted from St. Louis to Boston, working odd jobs like buying ingredients for a chocolate factory, import brokerage, and acting as a consultant for political campaigns.

Returning to the Carolinas a married man, Woodhouse settled a few miles from where he was born, threw on a flannel jacket, and breathed in the whispering pines once again.

When the 2020 coronavirus pandemic arrived, he hunkered down and set his ambitions to technology. He soon discovered bitcoin, the fascinating protocol that was half gold-rush, half revolution. He felt compelled by it and began a new chapter in a lifelong adventure.

It still is a world of possibility, and the allure of freedom continues to beckon him forward.


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